", "Boeing 737-900ER Technical Information. [17] They gave it the Type Certificate A16WE. [84], The 737 MAX 7, a shortened variant of the MAX 8, was originally based on the 737-700, flying 1,000 nmi (1,900 km) farther and accommodating two more seat rows at 18% lower fuel costs per seat. [85] Its main rival is the A320. [18][19] It was the first aircraft to have, as part of its initial certification, approval for Category II approaches,[20] which refers to a precision instrument approach and landing with a decision height between 98 to 197 feet (30 to 60 m). [73][74][75] Existem quatro modelos básicos de Boeing 747, denominados 747-100, 747-200, 747-300 e 747-400. Percorsi brevi hanno, in proporzione, consumi più elevati perché 1/3 del carburante viene bruciato durante il decollo. El regulador europeo de seguridad aérea espera autorizar vuelos del Boeing 737 Max en enero, ha dicho este sábado Patrick Ky, director ejecutivo de la EASA. [17] It was the only large airline which bought the 737-100. The 737-200 first flew on August 8, 1967. [16] On December 15, 1967 the Federal Aviation Administration said that the -100 was allowed to fly with passengers. Por estar equipado com Winglets há economia adicional de combustível. In 2011, Boeing said that it was working on the 737 MAX program. Introduced in 1997, the 737 Next Generation (NG) -600/700/800/900 variants have updated CFM56-7s, a larger wing and an upgraded glass cockpit, and seat 108 to 215 passengers. The wing incorporated several changes for improved aerodynamics. It was the highest-selling commercial aircraft until being surpassed by the competing Airbus A320 family in October 2019, but maintaining the record in total deliveries. The aircraft were delivered between May 1982 and October 1983.[33]. It was further developed into additional versions such as the corporate Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and military P-8 Poseidon aircraft. These are Original, Classic and Next Generation. [183], Following the crashes of two 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Lion Air Flight 610 in October 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 in March 2019, which caused 346 deaths, national aviation authorities around the world grounded the 737 MAX series. See more ideas about Boeing 737, Boeing, Aircraft. The 737 Classics had CFM56 turbofan engines. I can only answer for the 747 and I’ll narrow that further to the 747–8. They said they would decide in 2011. This 148-inch (3.76 m) wide fuselage cross-section permitted six-abreast seating compared to the rivals' five-abreast. In 1980, information on this new type of 737 (called the 737-300) was given at the Farnborough Airshow.[26]. This re-design would be launched after the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It first flew on January 22, 1998. [92] In mid-November 2018, the first MAX 200 of the 135 ordered by Ryanair rolled out, in a 197-seat configuration. The dark circles of the tires are clearly visible when a 737 takes off, or is at low altitude. [116] On a 737-800 this gives a 0.5% improvement in fuel efficiency. [66] Malaysia Airlines,[68] TUIFly[69] and Continental Airlines have also ordered 737s with the Sky Interior.[70]. The 737 was changed so much by the 737NG program that it is almost like a new aircraft. It is used by both the United States Navy and the United States Air Force, and has been ordered by the United States Marine Corps. The first was delivered on July 31, 1973 and the last on July 19, 1974. In the late 1980s, Boeing marketed the 77-33 jet, a business jet version of the 737-300. It is the third family of Boeing 737. Rispetto al CFM56-3C montato sui 737-300, -400 e -500, il CFM56-7 offre una spinta maggiore del 10%. In 2019 two MAX 8 aircraft crashed, killing all aboard and causing aviation authorities to ban commercial operation of the 737 MAX until they are fixed. [160], By 2006, there were an average of 1,250 Boeing 737s airborne at any given time, with two either departing or landing somewhere every five seconds. This is correct as of December 31, 2012.[92]. Southwest Airlines flew their first flight of a 737-800 with Split Scimitar winglets on April 14, 2014. Boeing and CFM solved the problem by putting the engine slightly ahead of the wing, instead of right under it. In 1980, preliminary aircraft specifications of the variant, dubbed 737-300, were released at the Farnborough Airshow. For the 737 Next Generation, a new cockpit with LCD displays was made. Olason, M.L. Every airplane will feature the new Boeing Sky Interior, highlighted by modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals, LED lighting that enhances the sense … [114], Blended winglets were standard on the 737 NG and are available for retrofit on 737 Classic models. The 737 Next Generation planes also had redesigned wings, a better cockpit and a new cabin. This happened with the last flights of Aloha Airlines. On July 20, 2011, Boeing announced plans for a third major upgrade and respectively fourth generation of 737 series to be powered by the CFM LEAP-1B engine, with American Airlines intending to order 100 of these aircraft. There have been no orders that have not been delivered (as of 2010). [123], The Original -100 and -200 series were built without wingtip devices but these were later introduced to improve fuel efficiency. A 737-700ER can typically accommodate 126 passengers in two classes with a range similar to the Airbus A319LR. [64] If 700 pounds of weight is taken off a Boeing 737-800, it burns 0.5% less fuel. Alaska Airlines was the launch customer for the 737-900 when it was launched in 1997. The 737-400 was launched in 1985 to fill the gap between the 737-300 and the 757-200. [66] The 737-700 replaced the 737-300 and competes with the Airbus A319. The "Classic" models are the 737-300, 737-400 and 737-500. The principle features of the Sky Interior include: sculpted sidewalls, redesigned window housings, increased headroom and LED mood lighting,[129][130] larger pivot-bins based on the 777 and 787 designs and generally more luggage space,[130] and claims to have improved cabin noise levels by 2–4 dB. ", "Airbus A320 Family passes the 5,000th order mark. [90] Lion Air and others have made orders for 737 MAX planes. [80] As of January 2019[update], the series has received 5,011 firm orders. The first BBJ rolled out on August 11, 1998 and flew for the first time on September 4. [58] Using the CFM56-3 engine also gave a 25% increase in fuel efficiency over the older -200s P&W engines. It entered service in 1968. ", "737 decision may slip to 2011: Credit Suisse. Many countries operate the 737 passenger, BBJ, and cargo variants in government or military applications. An example of one is a bigger wingspan (made bigger by 16 ft (4.9 m)). In the 1990s, Boeing brought out the 737 Next Generation. [163], In 2016, there were 6,512 737 airliners in service (5,567 737NGs plus 945 737-200s and 737 Classics), more than the 6,510 A320 family. 738: 186. [87] Entry into service with launch operator Southwest Airlines was expected in January 2019' but the airline deferred these orders until 2023–2024. ", Sweetman, Bill, All mouth, Air & Space, September 2014, p.14, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Dekkers, Daniel, et al. [95] 159 of these have been "hull loss accidents". The 737 is the only narrow-body airliner that Boeing is making. [79], The 737-600's rivals are the Airbus A318, Embraer 195 and Sukhoi Superjet 100. License: Creative Commons Attribution; File format: .jpg; Size: 4896 x 3264, 5,56 MB ; Download. [177][178], A Boeing analysis of commercial jet airplane accidents between 1959 and 2013 found that the hull loss rate for the Original series was 1.75 per million departures, for the Classic series 0.54, and the Next Generation series 0.27. [51], The wing also incorporated changes for improved aerodynamics. The 737 MAX 7, MAX 8 (including the denser, 200-seat MAX 200), and MAX 9 replace the 737-700, -800, and -900 respectively. The only types of 737 that Boeing is still making are the -700, -800 and -900ER. [77], The 737-500 was finished 1987. The MAX-7 will replace the 737-700, the MAX-8 will replace the 737-800 and the MAX-9 will replace the 737-900ER. It made its roll-out on March 7, 2017, and first flight on April 13, 2017;[96] It was certified by February 2018. The 737 has also been in 106 hijackings. Southwest Airlines ordered 20 aircraft. The Classic cabin was then redesigned once more for the third, Next Generation, 737 with a design based on the Boeing 777 cabin. Boeing 737-700 = 2.500 kgs/h. El Boeing 737 MAX 8, tiene un consumo inferior a todos los aviones de su sector, incluso frente a su principal competidor, el Airbus A320neo. The last of what was known as the 737 Classic series was a Boeing 737-400 (OK-FGS, L/N 3132), delivered to CSA Czech Airlines on 25 February 2000. The 737-500 (originally known as the 737 Lite and the 737-1000) combined the original length fuselage of the -200, with the various improvements of the -300 and -400. The 737 MAX family is designed to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the single-aisle market. The 737-900ER is the newest and biggest Boeing 737. [18][20] The first flight it made for United Airlines was on April 28, 1968. This was because the 737's wings were not very high above the ground, and the CFM56 had a bigger diameter than the original engines. [81] Since the engine is close to the ground, it is possible that they can be damaged by things lying on the ground. ", "Airbus 320 Aircraft History, Information, Pictures and Facts.". The lengthened 737-200 entered service in April 1968. This was the last operated 737-100 and is the only remaining worldwide, which is on the static display in the Museum of Flight in Seattle. [121] This has been raised as a safety issue because of the impracticality of duplicating such a mechanical cable-based system in the way that an electrical or electronic system can be. [81] On December 16, 2019, Boeing announced that it would suspend production of the 737 MAX from January 2020,[82] which was resumed in May 2020. [141], Boeing's BBJ3 is based on the 737-900ER. The wing was changed again. [11], On April 5, 1965, Boeing announced that United Airlines had ordered 40 737s. Dati estratti da 737-boeing.com voci di aerei civili presenti su Wikipedia Il Boeing 737 è un aereo di linea bireattore, a fusoliera stretta , utilizzato per le rotte a medio-breve raggio, prodotto dall'azienda statunitense Boeing . The modest 66 in (1.7 m) stretch of fuselage enables the MAX 10 to retain the existing wing and CFM Leap 1B engine from the MAX 9 with a trailing-link main landing gear as the only major change. They helped the pilot see better when the plane was turning. [4], Boeing had been studying short-haul jet aircraft designs, and saw a need for a new aircraft to supplement the 727 on short and thin routes. It could carry 10 pallets of cargo. 8 de março - A Agência Federal de Aviação (FAA) dos Estados Unidos certifica o 737 MAX 8. However, 737s used by the military still have them installed. It began using the -200 Advanced on May 20, 1971. [6] On average, 1,250 737s are in the air at any time and two land or leave somewhere every five seconds. 126 passengers can fit onto the plane. Giving a length of 36.45m (119ft 7in). The wheels do not have a door to close over them. [1][73], The 737-400 brought into service in 1985. Boeing fixed the drag issue by introducing new longer nacelle/wing fairings, and improved the airflow over the flaps and slats. The 737-800 is a longer version of the 737-700. As of April 2012, the 737 has been in 315 incidents. It converts old 737-800 passenger jets to dedicated freighters. The number of passengers it can carry ranges from 85 to 215. The latest generation, the 737 MAX -7/8/9/10, powered by improved CFM LEAP-1B high bypass turbofans and accommodating 138 to 204 people, entered service in 2017. The MAX 8 replaced the 737-800 and competed with the A320neo. Boeing engineer Mark Gregoire led a design team, which cooperated with CFM International to select, modify and deploy a new engine and nacelle that would make the 737-300 into a viable aircraft. [40] Produced from 1984 to 2000, a total of 1,988 Classic series were delivered.[41]. [53] [54] It and two production aircraft flew a nine-month-long certification program. 737-700: 141. This side-mounted gearbox gives the engine a somewhat rounded triangular shape. The MAX 200 would be 20% more cost-efficient per seat, including 5% lower operating costs than the MAX 8 and would be the most efficient narrow-body on the market when entering service. This is useful because aircraft can only land safely at a certain weight or below. Ante este movimiento de la competencia, Boeing decidió evolucionar su modelo 737 para dotarlo de motores que le permitieran llegar a nivel de consumo similares al A320. [45][46][47] This intensified the competition between the two giant aircraft manufacturers, which has since become a duopoly competition. The -200 was basically just a longer version of the 737-100. 737s fly to 1,200 places in 190 countries. [19][23] The inaugural flight for United Airlines took place on April 28, 1968, from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The United States Navy was the launch customer for the 737-700C under the military designation C-40 Clipper. [113] With modern avionics, the windows became redundant, and many pilots actually placed newspapers or other objects in them to block out sun glare. The Aerolíneas Argentinas Boeing 737 MAX 8 seats 170 passengers and is capable of flying 3,515 nautical miles (6,510 kilometers). Cockpits with electronic displays could be installed on the -500, but airlines could choose the use the older cockpit if they wanted. The 737 Classic planes also had some improvements made to the wings. Since the wings were made bigger, 30% more fuel could fit in the plane. Mr Calhoun said that Boeing has 450 of the 737 Max jets in storage. This change meant that the -400 could carry 170 passengers. [34] The variant still sees regular service through North American charter operators such as Sierra Pacific. [24] The improved version, the 737-200 Advanced, was introduced into service by All Nippon Airways on May 20, 1971.[25]. [59][60], Engines on the 737 Classic series (300, 400, 500) and Next Generation series (600, 700, 800, 900) are not shaped like a circle like most planes. The 737 Next Generation is made up of the -600, -700, -800, and -900ER models. Modifică date / text. They did this so they could have a plane to rival the Airbus A320. [9] Boeing did a lot of research and found that airlines wanted an airliner which could hold 50 to 60 passengers. [7], As of July 2010, 383 Boeing 737-200s are still being used by airlines.[91]. United wanted a slightly larger capacity than the 737-100, so the fuselage was stretched 36 in (91 cm) ahead of, and 40 in (102 cm) behind the wing. [24] Los tres modelos de la nueva variante son el 737 MAX 7, el 737 MAX 8 y el 737 MAX 9, los cuales se basan en el 737-700, −800 y −900ER respectivamente, [ 25 ] que a su vez son los modelos con mayor éxito de ventas de la gama 737 Next Generation. The 747–8 is about 20% more efficient than the 747–400. [58] A single prototype flew 375 hours for the certification process,[58] and on February 28, 1990, Southwest Airlines received the first delivery.[41]. It can fly for around 3200 nm. 324 people have died in hijackings. All these changes meant that the 737 could hold more cargo and fly further. On average, somewhere in the world, a 737 took off or landed every five seconds in 2006. These were later divided into what has become known as the four generations of the Boeing 737 family: The launch decision for the $150 million development was made by the board on February 1, 1965. Takeoff performance improvements such as the use of sealed, A reduced idle thrust transition delay between approach and ground-idle speeds, which improves stopping distances and increases field-length-limited landing weight, Increased flight-spoiler deflection from 30, A two-position tailskid at the rear of the aircraft to protect against inadvertent, 19437/1: 737-130 registered N515NA on static display at the, 19047/14: 737-222 registered N9009U preserved by, 20213/160: 737-201 registered N213US forward fuselage on static display at the, 20561/292: 737-281 registered LV-WTX on static display at the, 20562/293: 737-281 registered CC-CSK fuselage preserved at Motel Bahía in, 21262/470: 737-2H4 registered C-GWJT on static display at the, 21340/499: 737-2H4 registered N29SW on static display at the, 21712/557: 737-275 registered C-GIPW preserved in operational condition at, 22578/767: 737-290C registered N740AS on static display at the, 22826/878: 737-2H4 registered YV1361 preserved at a hotel in, 23059/980: 737-2Z6 registered 22–222 on static display at the, 22940/1037: 737-3H4 registered N300SW on static display at the, 23257/1124: 737-301 registered PK-AWU on static display at, 23472/1194: 737-219 registered ZS-SMD on static display at the, 23660/1294: 737-377 registered G-CELS (nickname Elsie) on static display at Norwich International Aviation Academy, as an aircraft maintenance trainer. ", "Boeing 737-700ER Technical Information. Development began in 1979 for the 737's first major revision, which was originally introduced as the 'new generation' of the 737. [8] The 737 went on to become the highest-selling commercial aircraft until surpassed by the competing Airbus A320 family in October 2019, but maintains the record in total deliveries. The 737-900 was launched in 1997. The -100 was finished on January 17, 1967. [36][38] A, Boeing delivered the 5,000th 737 to Southwest Airlines on February 13, 2006. [1], The 737-700 was added to the Next Generation planes when Southwest Airlines ordered one in November 1993. [101][102] The Max 10 has similar capacity as A321XLR, but shorter range and much poorer field performance in smaller airports than A321XLR. O consumo de combustível também é fator primordial para as companhias aéreas. The Sky Interior has more headroom and LED mood lighting. Boeing could lose customers because of it. This other plane was called the 737-200. Following the merger between Boeing with McDonnell Douglas in 1997, the primary competitor for the 737NG series remained only the A320 family. A ventral tailskid was installed to prevent tailscrape damage on over-rotation, the FCTM shows that the -400 has the greatest risk of tailstrike of all the series of 737. Passenger flights in the U.S. are expected to resume before the end of the year. The T-43 was retired by the Air Education and Training Command in 2010 after 37 years of service.[138]. The original design was too small to require this, and adding a fuel dump system to the later, larger variants would have incurred a large weight penalty. [39], The Boeing 737 Classic is the name given to the -300/400/500 series after the introduction of the -600/700/800/900 series of the Boeing 737 family. The 737 is used by more than 500 airlines. In fact, what started with the finding in a single plane has led to the discovery of similar cracking in other aircraft.International Lease Finance Corporation placed an order for 33 737-800 aircrafts in March 2011. Boeing 727 = 5.670 kgs/h. These models go from 102 ft (31.09 m) to 138 ft (42.06 m) in length. [72] The last delivery of a 737-200 aircraft was in August 1988 to Xiamen Airlines. The first aircraft was delivered to Scandinavian Airlines on September 18, 1998. They also moved some parts of the engine, which would normally go on the bottom, to the sides. [50] This first major upgrade series was later renamed to the 737 Classic series. [126] Split Scimitar winglets were developed by Aviation Partners Inc. (API), the same Seattle-based corporation that developed the blended winglets; the Split Scimitar winglets produce up to a 5.5% fuel savings per aircraft compared to 3.3% savings for the blended winglets. The last 737-500 was delivered to All Nippon Airways on July 26, 1999. The -800 seats 162 passengers in a two-class or 189 passengers in a high-density, one-class layout. The primary flight controls have mechanical backups. 162 passengers can fit into a 737-800 if it has two classes. Após passar por todas as avaliações do cliente, as aeronaves são encaminhadas para Seattle, onde fica o centro de entregas da Boeing. Il loro messaggio è stato molto chiaro: tecnologie avanzate che sposino semplicità, affidabilità e bassi costi, non tecnologie solo per il gusto delle novità. It has an auxiliary fuel system, giving it a range of up to 4,725 nautical miles (8,751 km), and a Head-up display. However, some important parts of the plane were kept similar to the older 737s. Developed to supplement the Boeing 727 on short and thin routes, the twinjet retains the 707 fuselage cross-section and nose with two underwing turbofans. Boeing 737 je úzkotrupé dvoumotorové proudové dopravní letadlo pro krátké a střední vzdálenosti. [114] The eyebrow windows were sometimes removed and plugged, usually during maintenance overhauls, and can be distinguished by the metal plug which differs from the smooth metal in later aircraft that were not originally fitted with the windows. The -500 incorporated the improvements of the 737 Classic series, allowing longer routes with fewer passengers to be more economical than with the 737-300. Demand further increased after being re-engined with the CFM56. SAS reports a mere 0.001 difference in fuel burn per seat per kilometer in litres in favor of Boeing in each case–despite the 738 having 18 more seats, in which case the difference could be expected to be much greater. On July 23, 2013, Boeing completed the firm configuration for the 737 MAX 8. [66] The first 737 with the Sky Interior was delivered to Flydubai in 2010. If the emergency is serious, the 737 just needs to land at an unsafe weight. It was finished on December 8, 1996. Worldwide, the first airline to resume passenger service was Brazilian low-cost Gol, on December 9, 2020. [51][52] Earlier customers for the CFM56 included the U.S. Air Force with its program to re-engine KC-135 tankers. [88][89] The 737 MAX 7 replaced the 737-700 and was predicted to carry 12 more passengers and fly 400 nmi (740 km) farther than Airbus A319neo with 7% lower operating costs per seat.[90]. [74] The 737 Classics were made from 1984 to 2000. Initially, its main competitor was the McDonnell Douglas DC-9, followed by its MD-80/MD-90 derivatives. Airbus A340 = 7.500 kgs/h. In November 1993, Boeing began the Next Generation program. 737 Classic: 737-300, 737-400, 737-500. On average, a 737 takes off or lands every five seconds. O Boeing 737 Max-8200 traz consigo, diz a empresa, mais oito assentos por voo, “mas gasta menos 16% de combustível” e reduz o ruído. As of December 2012[update], over 10,400 Boeing 737s have been ordered. Two T-43s were later converted to CT-43As, similar to the CT-40A Clipper below, in the early 1990s and transferred to Air Mobility Command and United States Air Forces in Europe, respectively, as executive transports. The 737's main landing gear (wheels) go into holes at the bottom of the plane. This aircraft's cabin is pressurized to a simulated 6,500-foot (2,000 m) altitude. It was a modern, complete replacement of the 737-200. Boeing wanted to allow the aircraft to hold more passengers and travel further. The FAA allowed it to fly with passengers on December 21, 1967. The 6,000th 737 was delivered to Norwegian Air Shuttle in April 2009. The 737-200 Advanced is an improved version of the -200. There are two on each side. [1][73], In the 1990s, Boeing realised that the Airbus A320 family was a serious threat. It has the body of a 737-700, but the wings and landing gear of a 737-800. Customers include: GOL, Alaska Airlines, Air Europa, Air India, Egyptair, GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS), Hapagfly, Japan Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Ryanair, Sky Airlines and Turkish Airlines.[137]. [21] Lufthansa received its first aircraft on December 28, 1967 and on February 10, 1968, became the first non-American airline to launch a new Boeing aircraft. Alaska Airlines was the first to convert one of their 400s from regular service to an aircraft with the ability to handle 10 pallets. Boeing made a different type of 737 for United, which was longer. An optional upgrade with winglets became available for the Classic and NG series. An optional Enhanced Short Runway Package was developed for use on short runways. [72], On August 30, 2011, Boeing confirmed the launch of the 737 new engine variant, to be called the Boeing 737 MAX. It changes the flow of air through the engine so that it ends up trying to push the plane backwards instead of forwards. The 737-200 Advanced can also fly further than the 737-200. The main cabin (where the passengers sit) was also made better. 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O 747-100 carrega até 183.384 litros de combustível, o 200 e o 300 carregam até 198.393 litros e o 400 carrega até 216.847 litros. The flight deck was given modern electronics (called avionics). [67], The 737-700ER (Extended Range) was launched on January 31, 2006 and featured the fuselage of the 737-700 and the wings and landing gear of the 737-800. [100], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "German Airline Buys 21 Boeing Short-Range Jets. These cockpits also have modern avionics (autopilot etc.). However, the 737 has become a family of nine different models. At the time, Boeing was far behind its competitors; rival aircraft in service SE 210 Caravelle and in development, the BAC One-Eleven (BAC-111), Douglas DC-9, and Fokker F28 were already into flight certification. L aggiornamento della velocità è ritardato di qualche secondo The last -400 was delivered to CSA Czech Airlines. Boeing and CFM fixed this problem by putting the engines slightly ahead of the wings instead of putting them right underneath. [175], As of February 2020[update], there has been a total of 481 aviation accidents and incidents involving all 737 aircraft,[176] including 214 hull losses resulting in a total of 5,565 fatalities. After the Boeing 737 Next Generation planes were brought into service, Boeing named the 737-300/-400/-500s the 737 Classic series.